McLane Middleton’s Privacy and Data Security Group can help your business manage and address the risks inherent in our digital world. Technology is engrained in every aspect of our business and personal lives. Society can hardly move fast enough to adopt today’s newest technologies before tomorrow’s arrive in our workplaces, homes, cars and the palms of our hands. Along with such tremendous new developments come significant new risks.


Businesses must take adequate precautions to protect the personal and health information of their customers and employees and the public at large. While companies involved in health care, banking, financial services, education, and credit services have been subject to rigorous compliance standards for some time, every business is now facing the need to comply with the multiplicity of laws and regulations enacted by the various states, including nationwide application of Massachusetts, Texas and California law.

McLane Middleton’s Privacy and Data Security Group has the depth of subject matter knowledge and breadth of industry experience necessary to help your business become and stay data security compliant. Even careful companies, however, can experience a data security incident or breach. Our prompt, level-headed and meticulous responses to such breaches have helped many clients control and avoid litigation and the other potentially disastrous consequences of a breach.


McLane Middleton’s Privacy and Data Security Group also guides clients through the complex legal and business issues inherent in data privacy. We approach these issues proactively, starting with comprehensive information use policies and procedures tailored to each particular business and designed to avoid internal problems and costly litigation. We also train business executives, leaders, managers and employees about appropriate data use and privacy.

Our legal professionals fuse legal and technical knowledge to help clients address the myriad of data privacy issues that arise on a daily basis, particularly with respect to social media, email, webmail, mobile devices, surveillance, background checks, laptops, personal computers, servers, databases, and the many other technologies used by companies and individuals today. We also have a unique depth and breadth of business litigation experience to handle the wide variety of data privacy lawsuits that arise today.